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Paris, with its red wine, slippery cobbles and curly lampposts. The postcard is a year old. It has just one line on it: When are you coming? After being sacked from her job with a gossip magazine, Ally Parker is given a fresh start when her childhood friend. Serena is convinced that only a rake will do for a husband — then she finds herself rescued from ruin by a reclusive baron….. Under the starry winter skies, will Gabe convince Hayley to open her heart again once more? And in doing so, will he convince himself? Two children taken from their homes.

Two young women abused and alone. Their lives meet in the remote Australian Outback when they both fall under the spell of the charismatic Edward Rochester. But will either want to stay by his side when they learn the secret of the other wife? One hotel refurbishment later and the Best Boomerville Hotel is open for business! Romance Bookouture E-book and paperback 9 November. Saffy would just have to abandon thoughts of wild festive parties in the city and head down to remote Cornwall. Because every year her sister hosts a huge Christmas meal for all the single parents in her village.

Arriving as snow starts to fall over the thatched cottages of the little harbour town of Port Breok, she meets Logan — the tall, fair-haired, blue-eyed, devoted single dad who lives over the road, with his adorable daughter Chloe. To make it a Christmas everyone will remember, especially little Chloe. An emotional tale of wartime love and sacrifice, inspired by an incredible true story… As a teenager in Chicago, May always dreamed of travelling the world.

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So when she meets handsome George Turner, she jumps at the chance to return to London as his wife. All around, brave young men are being called up to serve. She longs for a way to escape. The chance comes when May meets veteran nurse Elsie, who persuades May to join the war effort. Will she have to make the impossible choice between duty to her family and her promise to the soldiers on the front line? Choc Lit e-book, audio 13 November Christmas has a way of bringing family secrets to the surface … Christmas is a bittersweet time for Pippa Freeman. There are good memories, of course — but some painful ones too.

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Five ladies, one unforgettable trip… Escape to gorgeous Switzerland this winter with the brand new, uplifting read from Karen Aldous. While all of them appear to have their lives together from the outside, little do the ladies know that every single one of them is fighting a secret battle.

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Festive romance Ebury Publishing Paperback and e-book 15 November Will this Christmas romance be just for the holidays? A festive break in the snowy Big Apple visiting the tourist hotspots, not to mention the shopping, seems like the perfect way for Lara to get over her ex-boyfriend. Or maybe make him so jealous he begs for a second chance. Hayley begins a new life in Australia where at first she stays with an old school friend.

But job hunting takes her to a country resort called Misty Mountain. Hannah Clitheroe is hiding away from the world. But the arrival of Jeremy, a hotshot London developer who sweeps Lottie off her feet, complicates things. Suddenly Sid gets a new girlfriend, the Greenley Players fall apart, and that crumbling building? Well, it crumbles a whole lot more. With no one to turn to, Lottie has to find the courage to save the day. Will Lottie be able to save the theatre and also follow her heart? September Mary arrives in war-torn London nursing a broken heart and a painful secret.

When she is offered her dream post as an assistant in the fabric department at Liberty store, she knows this is the fresh start she needs. But not everyone will give Mary such a warm welcome, and the trauma of her past will soon catch up with her. As Mary and the Liberty Girls endure the heartache and uncertainty of war, it will take a steady heart to keep the magic of Christmas alive. A brief interlude just before Christmas was supposed to be more than that. Anyway, that was what Nathan Sinclair intimated to Meghan Carstens when they said goodbye and the young fashion designer believed him.

But harrowing circumstances ke Marry a secure businessman, or become a bunkhouse cook for twenty hungry cowboys on a cattle ranch? When Angelina Brighton chooses the ranch, she runs from the wedding her billionaire father arranged. Angelina won't marry a man she doesn't love. A Mother's Secret When she ran away from the juvenile home she was raised in, Cat Barker left more than an unstable childhood behind.

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She also left her first love, Jake Stone. The two had more in common than anyone understood, but neither knew how t Twenty-five years ago, a fender bender tore high school sweethearts Doris June Hargrove and Curt Nelson from each other's arms on the night they were planning to elope.

And they haven't spoken since. Now their widowed parents want to rematch the pair Not with his family's harrowing past. But nine years later, he's back on the Stone ranch and getting stared down by the townspeople. Except by Amy Mitchell, whose heart Eleanor McBride's outgrown her dreams of romance -- but not her wishes for motherhood. Wedding Sergeant Adam Martin will give her a daughter to cherish.

Yet it's not just shy, sweet Hannah who's captured her affections. And Eleanor's arrival in Dry C When Maegan discovers she and Lilly share a special trait, the two grow close.

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Now the girl's handsome guardian, Clint Parker, fears he can't be what Lilly need Treasure Creek, Alaska, has only one pediatrician: the very handsome, very eligible Dr. Alex Haven. But the former big-city doc is counting the weeks till his contract with the tiny town is up. All so he can return to Los Angeles to Thanks to his uncle posting a prayer request in the church bulletin, all of Dry Creek, Montana, thinks Conrad Nelson wants a wife. A busy mechanic, Conrad is doing just fine on his own.

But then the very woman he described as the perfect wife drives Love is in the air this Christmas with two heartwarming holiday stories The holiday season brings quite a surprise for Virginia Parker. Her former boss, Colter Wells, is back in Dry Creek--with a newly discovered daughter who needs some female gui Christmas in Dry Creek For private investigator Wade Sutton, the town holds too many memories -- none of them fond -- of his childhood.

Yet he can't say no when the sheriff asks him to secretly watch over a woman who might be in danger. When her neighbor proposes a "practical" marriage, romantic Rene Mitchell throws the ring in his face. Clay doesn't believe in romance True, I've confided to my friends that I've had a crush on Rick Keifer since childhood. But will he ever see me as more than But when influenza claims her husband and baby, Elizabeth doesn't know if she can go on.

Then a stranger approaches her with a p That done, he can finally leave Dry Creek, Montana, in his dust.

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Well, except for He wants more than just breakfast and banter with longtime friend Edith Hargrove. Charley wants, well Somehow, Mrs. Hargrove has gotten under his skin and into his heart. I've met Mr. The man gave up big bucks and the finer things in life to run a shelter for homeless teens. Thing is, I can't stop thinking Back From The Big Time She could scarcely believe her eyes.

An enormous tour bus had arrived in Dry Creek, and from it stepped hometown hero Duane Enger, now a music celebrity. Linda Morgan, owner of the local cafe, had thought her ex-boyfriend I've spent way too much time hiding my family's past--and letting opportunities pass me by. Not even my boyfriend, Randy,