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The criticality effective, k eff , of the single-source and the four-source Am-Be designs were found to be 0. All rights reserved. Characterization of a sealed Americium-Beryllium AmBe source by inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry. Two Americium-Beryllium neutron sources were dismantled, sampled sub-sampled and analyzed via inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry ICP-MS. Characteristics such as 'age' since purification, actinide content, trace metal content and inter and intra source composition were determined. The 'age' since purification of the two sources was determined to be This may be due to the physical means of sub-sampling or the way the source was manufactured.

The Be-Am ratio varied greatly between the two sources. Source 1 had an Am-Be ratio of 6. Source 2 had an Am-Be ratio of 9. In addition, the trace element content between the samples varied greatly. Sensitivity of chemically and electrochemically etched CR 39 polymers to the neutrons of AmBe source. Seven samples of polymers by different manufacturers were used in a study of the sensitivity of CR 39 polymers to Am-Be neutrons. In the polymer, proton tracks for a relatively broad energy range can also be recorded. The following characteristics were studied: the sample background for different etching methods, the dependence of sensitivity on the etched thickness and on neutron fluence, the effect of type and thickness of external proton emitters, and the effect of the choice of electric parameters on the resulting sensitivity in electrochemical etching.

Good results were obtained when chemical and electrochemical etching was used in combination. It was found that with electrochemical etching, sensitivity decreases for neutron fluence exceeding 10 8 cm The sensitivity of the studied CR 39 polymer samples only little differed. When the most sensitive polymer was used, the minimum dose equivalent in the human body for Am-Be neutrons which could be determined using combination etching was 0. This article looks at how the Bible has been understood and constructed in English political discourse over the past forty years.

It looks at how emerging neoliberalism and the social changes of the s contributed to Margaret Thatcher's influential construction of the Bible as a source of authority for her brand of economics. This laid the template for dominant understandings of the Bible which were aided often unintentionally through pop cultural trends. Tony Blair added social liberali The predicted metabolites were assigned to analytical For 5C-AKB48, the main metabolic pathways were hydroxylation s of the adamantyl moiety and oxidative dechlorination with subsequent The neutron energy spectrum of the following sources were measured using a fast neutron spectrometer with the NE liquid scintillator: sup 2 sup 5 sup 2 Cf, Am-Be and D d,n sup 3 He reaction from a 3 MeV Pelletron accelerator in Tokyo Institute of Technology.

The measured proton recoil pulse height data of sup 2 sup 5 sup 2 Cf, Am-Be and D d,n sup 3 He were unfolded using the mathematical program to obtain the neutron energy spectrum. The sup 2 sup 5 sup 2 Cf and Am-Be neutron energy spectra were measured and the results obtained showed a good agreement with the spectra usually published in the literature. The neutron energy spectrum from D d,n sup 3 He was measured and the results obtained also showed a good agreement with the calculation by time of flight TOF methods. Text complet PDF. An interview with Margaret A Liu: the future of gene-based vaccines and immunotherapies, and other musings.

Interview by Jenaid Rees, commissioning editor. Liu obtained her M. Her research achievements have led to her receipt of honorary lectureships, and she has held many board positions throughout her career. Liu currently consults in the fields of vaccines and immunotherapy for companies, universities, and non-governmental and governmental scientific organizations, and is a Foreign Adjunct Professor at the Karolinska Institutet in Stockholm, and an Adjunct Professor at the University of California, San Francisco.

Margaret Atwood's The handmaid's tale and The heart goes last. A comparative study on two dystopian cities. Full Text Available Balinese character. Full Text Available The paper explores the growing use of tools from the arts and humanities for investigation and dissemination of social science research. Emerging spaces for knowledge transfer, such as the World Wide Web, are explored as outlets for "performative social science". Questions of ethnics and questions of evaluation which emerge from performative social science and the use of new technologies are discussed.

Contemporary thinking in aesthetics is explored to answer questions of evaluation. The use of the Internet for productions is proposed as supporting the collective elaboration of meaning supported by Relational Aesthetics. One solution to the ethical problem of performing the narrations of others is the use of the writer's own story as autoethnography. The conclusion is reached that the free and open environment of the Internet sidelines the usual tediousness of academic publishing and begins to explore new answers to questions posed about the evaluation and ethics of performative social science.

URN: urn:nbn:defqs In her view woman cannot be a simple biological category, and she asserts that womanhood is imposed on woman by civilization. In her idea, the fundamental social meaning of woman is Other. She rejects the heterosexuality as the norm for sexual relations. Vega C, H. La Penuela, Zacatecas, Zac. Mexico ; Rodriguez R, J. Shielding is an important element in radiation protection since allows the management of radiation sources. Currently there are different materials of natural or anthropogenic origin that are used as shielding for both photons and neutrons.

The quarry is a material of natural origin and abundant in our country, which is used in construction or for the manufacture of sculptures, however its characteristics as shielding have not been reported. Using the MCNP5 code, a narrow geometry attenuation experiment was modeled and the photon fluence was estimated that reaches a point detector at a distance of 42 cm from a point source, isotropic and monoenergetic photon when the source and the point detector were added quarry pieces of different thicknesses.

The reduction of the number of photons as a function of the thickness of the quarry was used to determine the coefficient of linear attenuation of the quarry before photons of 0. Measurement of the removal sechtion of biological protection concretes in the spectrum of an AmBe source. A method to measure the neutron removal cross sections in cuban concrete for biological protection using the average spectrum of a radioisotopic source was developed.

The method was verified by the measurements of different materials with know removal cross sections like Pb, paraffin and water. These spetial cuban concrete are elaborated on the basis of arids of limestone, limonite, magnetite, baryte and serpentine. The aim of this work is to contribute to the characterization of those concretes for its use in cuban nuclear installations. It can be seen in the table that the concretes of magnetite and limonite have the best shielding properties for neutrons. I per facilitar als a The code uses specific parameters related to the energy spectrum source and irradiation system materials shielding, reflector.

The flux distribution thermal and fast was calculated in the three-dimensional geometry for the system: air, polyethylene and water cuboidal sample 50x50x50 cm. Thermal flux was calculated in a series of points inside the sample. The results agreed reasonably well with observed values. The maximum thermal flux was observed at a distance of 3. Beyond a depth of 7. In this paper, a model for analyzing internal contact stress arid external load of ball bearing from rotor displacement was developed based on the Hertz contact theory and applied to the analysis of the rotor drop test in HTR helium circulator equipped with AMB Active Magnetic Bearing to gain a better understanding of auxiliary bearing performance at different stages after the rotor drop.

It was shown that the auxiliary bearing can well resist axial impact produced by rotor drop, avoiding of internal severe plastic deformation and damage to the performance of the auxiliary bearing. Rotor's rotary motion and the heat accumulation of the inner ring resulted from the initial acute acceleration are the main contributor of radial load during the rotor idling and may cause the failure of auxiliary bearing.

This paper analyzed the influence of this load and confirmed that the auxiliary bearing can still work in its loading limits.

The boron concentration was inferred from the measurement of the activity induced in a vanadium flux monitor. The vanadium rod was located inside the boron solution in a standart geometrical set up with respect to the neutron source. Eventhough the analysis is not selective for boron yet due the rapid, simple and precise nature, it is proposed for the analysis of boron in the primary coolant circuit of Nuclear Power Plants of PWR type. Author [pt. A review of the patterns of docetaxel use for hormone-resistant prostate cancer at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Based on the TAX phase III trial, docetaxel-based chemotherapy is the standard first-line treatment for hormone-resistant prostate cancer HRPC ; however, there is some heterogeneity in the use of this agent in routine clinical practice. The aim of the present study was to examine the patterns of docetaxel use in routine clinical practice at our institution and to compare them with docetaxel use in the TAX clinical trial. We conducted a retrospective chart review of HRPC patients treated with first-line docetaxel between and at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

In the first-line setting, 88 patients with HRPC received docetaxel. Median survival was In routine clinical practice, HRPC patients received docetaxel mainly because of symptomatic disease progression. Overall response rates and toxicities were comparable to those in the TAX trial. However, our patients received a median of only 7 cycles of treatment versus the 9. A larger prospective multicentre analysis, including performance status and quality-of-life parameters, may be warranted to determine if docetaxel performs as well in routine clinical practice as it does in the clinical trial setting.

The two works share a complex structure in which scenes from different moments in the future follow one another. A post-apocalyptic narrative line is intertwined with one that depicts events from a nearer future, all of them leading up to an environmental catastrophe of huge proportions. The nearest scenario is one of extreme genetic manipulation, in which the boundaries between species are blatantly crossed. Biopolitics strictly controls the environment and those who inhabit it; identities can be bought, and only some of them grant access to the Compounds — the only safe areas left after open spaces have become radioactive.

In the meantime, all kinds of technological and genetic enhancements to human capabilities are being employed, some of them resulting in the creation of para-human populations. An environmental catastrophe follows, and both books feature last-man-on-earth narratives. Whether — or, more appropriately, how — the apocalyptic destruction is linked to an attempt to cross the boundary of the human is the issue this essay addresses. Barriers in phase I cancer clinical trials referrals and enrollment: five-year experience at the Princess Margaret Hospital.

Full Text Available Abstract Background There is a paucity of literature on the referral outcome of patients seen in phase I trial clinics in academic oncology centres. This study aims to provide information on the accrual rate and to identify obstacles in the recruitment process. Methods A retrospective chart review was performed for all new patients referred and seen in the phase I clinic at the Princess Margaret Hospital between January and June Data on their demographics, medical history, and details of trial participation or non-entry were recorded.

Results A total of new phase I referrals were seen during the stated period. Of these patients, About a quarter of of the patients referred were deemed ineligible at their first visit, with the most frequent reasons for ineligibility being poor performance status, unacceptable bloodwork, too many prior treatments and rapid disease progression. The remaining patients The main reasons for their non-entry were patient refusal, other treatment recommended first, and lack of available trials or trial spots.

Conclusion This study provides information on the clinical realities underlying a referral to a phase I clinic and eventual trial enrollment. Better selection of patients, appropriate education of referring physicians, and opening phase I trials with fewer restrictions on some criteria such as prior therapy may enhance their recruitment rates.

The research is done by studying the main characters of the above-mentioned novel. The results show that none of characters is able to cope and connect with other that leads to their unhappy lives and their failure. Characteristics of the quarry as shielding for "2"4"1 AmBe neutrons and monoenergetic photons. In this paper we report some of the properties of the quarry as shielding for monoenergetic photons and for neutrons produced by an isotopic neutron source of "2"4"1 AmBe. A quarry piece was used to determine its density and its chemical composition, with the XCOM code the elemental composition was determined and the mass interaction and total attenuation coefficients of the quarry were determined with photons of 10"-"3 to 10"-"5 MeV; the interaction coefficients included coherent dispersion, photoelectric absorption, Compton dispersion and the production of pairs in the nuclear and electronic field.

Application of the neutron irradiator with AmBe sources for inorganic elements in commercial fertilizers determination; Aplicacao do irradiador de neutrons com fontes de AmBe para determinacao de elementos inorganicos em fertilizantes comerciais. E-mail: tmfilho ipen. The rational use of fertilizers, for the soil fertility correction, contributes to the increase of agricultural production, using the same areas previously available.

The quality of products could be improved with reduced costs. Therefore, knowledge of the chemical characteristics of the correctives used is required to streamline the application and avoid excesses or deficiencies. The studied characteristics are generally limited to the essential nutrients for the nutrition of plants and animals, e. Neutron activation analysis NAA is a highly sensitive non destructive technique, for the determination of the elemental composition in samples.

It has been particularly useful in the simultaneous determination of inorganic elements in complex samples of several kinds. Several analysis methods for activation are used, such as: comparative and absolute. Commercial fertilizers were analyzed applying the absolute and comparative methods. Using the absolute method, samples were submitted to neutron flux generated by an Irradiator with two AmBe sources.

The obtained results were compared with those obtained by the comparative method using neutrons generated in the IEA-R1 Reactor. Application of the neutron irradiator with AmBe sources for inorganic elements in commercial fertilizers determination. Determination of vanadium, manganese and tungsten in steels with an Am-Be isotopic neutron source.

A non-destructive neutron activation method was developed for determination of vanadium, manganese, and tungsten in alloy-steel, with the aid of an Am-Be 1,85x10 11 Bq 5Ci isotopic neutron source, employing NaI T1 detector well type 2x2 in. Possible interferences due to other radionuclides activity were investigated by determining the 52 V, 56 Mn, and W half-lifes.

The activation analysis method is adequated for steel quality control in industry. Investigation of the response characteristics of OSL albedo neutron dosimeters in a AmBe reference neutron field. The objective of this work was to systematically investigate the response characteristics of optically stimulated luminescence Albedo neutron OSLN dosimeters to ensure reliable personal dosimetry service provided by Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology TINT. Based on known values of delivered neutron dose equivalent, the reading correction factor to be used by the reader was evaluated.

Subsequently, batch homogeneity, dose linearity, lower limit of detection and fading of the OSLN dosimeters were examined. Batch homogeneity was evaluated to be 0. For this neutron field, the lower limit of detection was between 0. Personal dosimetry based on the investigated OSLN dosimeter is considered to be reliable under similar neutron exposure conditions, i.

Detection and dosimetry studies on the response of silicon diodes to an Am-Be source. Silicon diode detectors show potential for the development of an active personal dosimeter for neutron and photon radiation. Photons interact with the constituents of the diode detector and produce electrons. These photon- and neutron-induced charged particles contribute to the response of diode detectors. In this work, a silicon pin diode was used as a detector to produce pulses created by photon and neutron.

A polyethylene fast neutron converter was used as a recoil proton source in front of the detector. The total registered photon and neutron efficiency and the partial contributions of the efficiency, due to interactions with the diode and converter, were calculated. The results show that the efficiency of the converter-diode is a function of the incident photon and neutron energy. The optimized thicknesses of the converter for neutron detection and neutron dosimetry were found to be 1 mm and 0.

The photon records were strongly dependent upon the energy and the depletion layer of the diode. The photons and neutrons efficiency of the diode-based dosimeter was calculated by the MCNPX code, and the results were in good agreement with experimental results for photons and neutrons from an Am-Be source.

Aluminium and copper analysis in metallic alloys by neutron activation analysis from an Am-Be source. In order to obtain the samples and standards of about the same composition, the material to be irradiated was powdered. In view of low intensity of neutron source it was necessary to use samples of up to 50 g. A series of preliminary irradiations were carried out to ensure that the geometry for the irradiation and for the counting are reproducible.

Equip Investigador

The results have been compared with those obtained by chemical methods. The method has a good reproducibility. The time needed for analysis of aluminium and copper are 18 min and 2 hours 40 minutes respectively. Four different samples were analysed. The average of five measurements for one of the samples was: The standard deviation and coefficient of variation were 0,8 and 1.

Investigation of some possible changes in Am-Be neutron source configuration in order to increase the thermal neutron flux using Monte Carlo code. Since the thermal neutrons are widely used in different fields, in this work, we investigate how to improve the source configuration in order to increase the thermal flux. These suggested changes include a spherical moderator instead of common cylindrical geometry, a reflector layer and an appropriate materials selection in order to achieve the maximum thermal flux.

Our final results indicated that a spherical paraffin moderator, a layer of beryllium as a reflector can efficiently increase the thermal neutron flux of Am-Be source.

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Imatge o text? Anthony and Margaret Barker. Lake District, both in Taylor, Authors of "An American Exodus.

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Taylor--are compared in this…. Design and configuration properties of the irradiation unit are described. It has two different sample irradiation positions, one is called site 1 having a pneumatic sample transfer system and the other is site 2 having a location for manual use. The activities produced in these foils were measured by using a p-type, Additionally, thermal neutron self-shielding and resonance neutron self-shielding effects were taken into account in the measured results.

Thus she paved the way for other female artists, such as her near contemporary, Aphra Behn. Although in her times seen as a harmless curiosity rather than a paragon to emulate, Cavendish managed to publish her plays along with more philosophical texts. Thanks to the re-discovery of female artists by feminist revisionism, her drama is now treated as a valuable source of knowledge on the values and norms of her class, gender, and, more generally, English society in the seventeenth century.

Compartir fitxers amb Dropbox. Es mostra pas a pas com donar-se d'alta al Dropbox i compartir documents. Comunicacions unificades amb Elastix. The effectiveness of their communications largely determines the success of the company. Today, any technology Officer must make important decisions about the evolution of their systems. Thus, the presence on the market increasingly popular new unified communications products require to consider the various options offered. This proje The main analytical targets of synthetic cannabinoids are often metabolites. With the high number of new psychoactive substances entering the market, suitable workflows are needed for analytical target identification in biological samples.

The predicted metabolites were assigned to analytical components supported by the UNIFI in silico fragmentation tool. The matrix components in the metabolite spectra were reduced with IMS, which improved the accuracy of the spectral interpretation; however, this left fewer fragment ions for assigning sites of metabolism. Meteor was able to predict the majority of the metabolites, with the most notable exception being the oxidative dechlorination and, consequently, all metabolites that underwent that transformation pathway.

The postulated metabolites can be used for screening of biological samples, with four-dimensional identification based on retention time, collision cross section, precursor ion, and fragment ions. Determinar com afecta el tractament sobre la funcion The amount of europium in the disc was determined by neutron activation analysis NAA using an isotopic neutron source.

The cross section of the elements varies with neutron energy, and the flux of the neutrons in each energy range seen by the nuclei under investigation also varies. Neutron distribution spectrum of the Am-Be source was worked out prior to NAA and the effective fractional flux for the nuclear reaction considered for the flux estimation was also determined. Modeling calculations were performed to optimize the experimental set-up for Cl measurements in water. The optimization with MCNP5 was focused on maximizing the thermal neutrons flux which leads to improving the gamma prompt production after neutron capture in a water sample.

The influence of dimensions and materials for the neutron collimation as well as the dimensions of the sample together were studied. A PGNAA facility with an AmBe neutron source was built based on the optimized configuration and used to determine chlorine concentration. Measured values of the chlorine count rate were plotted versus the NaCl in water.

The count rate versus amount of chlorine show a good coefficient of correlation of the linear fit. The result permits PGNAA to be a valuable diagnostic tool for getting an indication of the salinity contamination of water.

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Bears in Eden, or, this is not the garden you're looking for: Margaret Cavendish, Robert Hooke and the limits of natural philosophy. This paper investigates Margaret Cavendish's characterization of experimental philosophers as hybrids of bears and men in her story The Description of a New World, Called the Blazing World. By associating experimental philosophers, in particular Robert Hooke and his microscope, with animals familiar to her readers from the sport of bear-baiting, Cavendish constructed an identity for the fellows of the Royal Society of London quite unlike that which they imagined for themselves.

Recent scholarship has illustrated well how Cavendish's opposition to experimental philosophy is linked to her different natural-philosophical, political and anthropological ideas. My contribution to this literature is to examine the meanings both of bears in early modern England and of microscopes in experimental rhetoric, in order to illustrate the connection that Cavendish implies between the two.

She parodied Hooke's idea that his microscope extended his limited human senses, and mocked his aim that by so doing he could produce useful knowledge. The bear-men reflect inhuman ambition and provide a caution against ignoring both the order of English society and the place of humans in nature. The shadow cone technique is one of the methods which is used for determining the contribution of scattered particles on the response of neutron detectors. This technique is used for neutron field calibration in Agriculture, Medicine and Industry Research School.

In this investigation, we have designed and constructed an optimized shadow cone. According to the calculated neutron dose equivalent attenuation factors, a cone with 20 cm of iron and 30 cm of polyethylene has been found as optimum. Els objectius del treball The distribution of track diameters for a range of etching times has been evaluated, taking into account track registration efficiency and the relevant fast neutron scattering cross-sections.

The efficiency of etched-track formation in LR type II due to neutron irradiation is approximately double that in CR The Pereira, W. This source comes from the Oil Company and it was originally used in well logging tools. Margaret Thatcher e gli usi strategici del conflitto. Thus, they are no longer passive as female characters of the nineteenth-century colonial novels which are centered on the male hero and his colonial adventures.

In her postcolonial and postmodern feminist novels, Atwood further introduces elements of folk tales, fairy tales, legends, myths and revives different literary genres, such as a detective story, a crime and historical novel, a gothic romance, a comedy, science fiction, etc. Moreover, she often abuses the conventions of the existing genre and mixes several genres in the same narrative.

Recent works demonstrate the increasing importance of characterizing the spectrum of neutron sources for various energies. The main objective of this study is to make the understanding of the interaction of neutrons as close as possible to the reality in which the workers act, thus allowing to act directly in the area of radioprotection. The measurements were carried out in the low scattering laboratory of the Laboratory of Neutron Metrology, in order to obtain a more realistic spectrum. Recent studies have demonstrated the importance of characterizing the spectrum of neutron sources for various energies in order to make the understanding of neutron interaction closer to reality they work with.

De refranes y cantares tiene el pueblo mil millares. Full Text Available Esta experiencia trata de acercarnos a la palabra para mejorar las competencias comunicativas orales y escritas de los nuevos hablantes de nuestro idioma. In addition to the first-person narratives, the story is also featured with the ambiguous use of deictic you which results in reliable narration as well as unreliable narration with its double deixis:in-story you and outside story you. The story takes place in the late 20th century where now A New Christian Right or New Puritans have taken over the power of what used to be the United States.

The new regime, which is named after the biblical land of Gilead, returns to the Old Testament in a reaction against abortion, sterilization and what they consider to be dangerous kinds of freedom of the modern welfare state. The new gover Full Text Available The necessity of a monetary integration process in the European Union is inarguable. Monetary Union has a corner stone role for letting Economy in the EU to act as a whole. Only 19 members of the EU take place in the Euro Zone.

In this case; there is a long time needed for completion the monetary integration process. European Central Bank ECB which is responsible for the monetary policy application in Euro Zone, will have serious weakness and desperation and having them is inevitable; because the economic and political integration of the EU is not completed yet.

07- Cançó de Joanot. Mar i Cel 1988.

All kinds of conflicts in political and economic integration process of the EU and economic crises, will have negative impacts on the EU and also on Euro. ECB is helpless about any negative developments that take place or may take place in European Monetary Union EMU Area and it does not have an efficient intervention chance for preventing the negative impacts occurring on the Euro.

The aim of the study is to present the weakness and desperation of the ECB about applying policies for a stable Euro. This action is based on a finding by the Administrator that the placement of these synthetic cannabinoids into schedule I of the Controlled Substances Act is necessary to avoid an imminent hazard to the public safety. Any final order will impose the administrative, civil, and criminal sanctions and regulatory controls applicable to schedule I substances under the Controlled Substances Act on the manufacture, distribution, possession, importation, exportation of, and research and conduct with, instructional activities of these synthetic cannabinoids.

Effect of sample moisture and bulk density on performance of the Am-Be source based prompt gamma rays neutron activation analysis setup. A Monte Carlo study. Monte Carlo simulations were carried out using the dependence of gamma ray yield on the bulk density and moisture content for five different lengths of Portland cement samples in a thermal neutron capture based Prompt Gamma ray Neutron Activation Analysis PGNAA setup for source inside moderator geometry using an Am-Be neutron source.

In this study, yields of 1. The study showed a strong dependence of the 1. For an order of magnitude increase in the sample bulk density, an order of magnitude increase in the gamma rays yield was observed, i. Burbidge, Eleanor Margaret Peachey Married and collaborated with Geoffrey Burbidge, a theoretical physicist. It is said that in the days when women were not permitted to observe in their own right with the in telesc The halogen-bearing minerals tourmaline, amphibole, and biotite formed during magmatic-hydrothermal processes associated with the late-stage cooling of the Spirit Lake granitoid pluton Mt.

Helens, WA and with the younger sulphide-mineralised rocks of the Margaret Cu-Mo porphyry deposit located entirely within the pluton. Major- and trace-element discrimination suggests that one tourmaline population crystallised from fractionated late-stage melt pockets in granodiorite-monzogranitic dykes of the pluton. Mineralised porphyry deposit tourmaline compositions from the stockwork span a much larger range in Mg space 0. X-sites of these schorl tourmalines are dominated by Na or vacancies, and the Y-sites are strongly Fe enriched.

Whilst most plutonic tourmalines conform to reported a- and c-sector element partitioning models, those from the mineralised porphyry show large and variable sector fractionation differences, suggesting that external controls may also be important. Wider evidence for. Es registraren les activitats ele Aquest article es divideix en tres parts. Temporary Scheduling Order. My aim is to explain the production conditions of a TV crew. My sociological task is to study the practices and artistic decision-making in order to make explicit the social contexts of this activity.

I will explain these discursive and pragmatic practices with the thematic content analysis of 20 interviews to participants of a TV production set. Qualitative analysis has made polivalent terms such as habitus and capital Bourdieu, ; ; , otherwise too ambiguous to be applied empirically, more specific.

The interviewees consider the relational and. Kaasa teevad ka eesti kunstitudengid. Panikkath, Priyada; Mohanakrishnan, P. Measurements are carried out using neutrons from an Am-Be source located inside a concrete bunker. Two different methods are used for determining self-shielding factors of activation foils as well as for finding the epithermal neutron spectrum shape factor. The present measurements are compared with earlier measurements and evaluations. The resonance integral measured is higher like most previous measurements than most evaluations requiring a revision of the evaluated data.

Com crear un grup amb Diigo. Nosaltres exposarem com crear grups i compartir marcadors. If anybody knows of a good 'equivalent' in Catalan, please let us know. Where the dickens was he? In such cases, 'discrepant' might be a better choice. Earth Summit f la Cimera de la Terra expression what on earth is an x? If you can't make either day, give me a call - Si no podeu venir cap d'aquests dos dies, truqueume I haven't received either of the letters - No he rebut cap de les dues cartes 'Cap' is used in negative sentences.

This simply means 'in negative sentences' for example: 'Isn't there anyone else? The more commonly used term is 'demacraci'. False Friend: the Catalan for 'embarrassed' is 'desconcertat'. However, it is a castellanisme and its use is not recommended. I'd like an estimate on replacing my water heater.

The same word can also refer to an individual member of such a group at which point it can be either masculine or feminine depending on the gender of the individual. People of Chinese extraction - Persones d'origen xins People of foreign extraction - Persones d'origen estranger. The adjective 'extravagant' does exist in Catalan but it means 'odd' or 'outlandish'. My grandmother had a fall last week or to have reduced in size, quantity, value etc. Will we all fit? If anyone has any better suggestions, please let us know. That follows - Aix s que t sentit. I'm freezing!

French noun 1 m el francs 2 m pl. Peter works full time - En Peter treballa a jornada completa adjective a temps complet A full-time contract - Un contracte a temps complet. I'm not fussy - Qu vols fer? M's igual. G Gabon noun m el Gabon Gabonese adjective gabons noun m pl. Geneva noun f la Ginebra expression Geneva Convention f la Convenci de Ginebra genie noun m el geni genitals noun m pl.

The building is made almost entirely of glass. We are afraid we're not sure at the moment whether there's an exact. If anybody knows of an equivalent, please let us know. Prison governor Br.

Mar Cel by Àngel Guimerà

However, it is very widely used. We must make our voices heard - Hem de fer-nos sentir 2 sentir-hi 'Sentir-hi' means 'to hear' in the sense 'to have the ability to hear e. Les orelles no serveixen noms per sentir-hi; L'Andreas fa una vida normal, grcies a aparells per sentirhi millor.

A tax hike - Una forta pujada d'imposts expression hike up fer pujar rpidament preus, imposts En Roger ostenta el ttol de Campi de Catalunya de 3. Although 'pgina inicial' is the official Catalan equivalent for 'home page', 'pgina d'inici' is also very frequent. Hong Kong noun Hong Kong honk noun [animal] m el crit de l'oca verb [animal] clacar honor noun 1 m l' honor 2 f l' honra honour verb honrar expression feel honor-bound to do something veure's obligat moralment a fer alguna cosa honorable adjective honorable honorary adjective honorari honour noun 1 m l' honor 2 f l' honra honor verb honrar expression feel honour-bound to do something veure's obligat moralment a fer alguna cosa honourable adjective honorable hood noun 1 f la caputxa 2 f la capota 3 m el capot 4 m el barri 5 f la campana hoodie noun [colloquial] f la dessuadora amb caputxa hoody noun [colloquial] f la dessuadora amb caputxa hooey noun [colloquial] f pl.

I am invested in your well-being. J jack noun 1 m el cric 'Cric' means 'jack' in the sense 'car jack'.

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His son is just as irresponsible as he is - El seu fill s tan irresponsable com ell expression just in case per si de expression. Although widely used in Catalan, 'anar de farra' and 'anar de parranda' are 'castellanismes'. We can give you a lift to the office - Et portarem en cotxe a la oficina. M mac noun [colloquial] 1 m l' impermeable 2 f la gavardina raincoat macabre adjective macabre macaroni noun m pl. He may do it later - s possible que ho faci ms tard expression be that as it may sigui com sigui.

In the middle of the night - En plena nit In the middle of the summer holidays - En plenes vacances d'estiu. Noms el trobem en el Termcat. En l's habitual diem 'immigrant', 'immigrat', 'emigrant', 'emigrat'. Normalment diem 'treballadors immigrats' o 'treballadors immigrants'. PDF Online. L Epicerie. La Voluntad. Cien Anos Despues Miradas PDF Online. Misantropia PDF Online. Tomo 1 Manga Books Download. Un Buen Comercial ePub. Y Salud Download. PDF Mandarina Download. Makia Vela - Numero 4 Download. PDF Sere Bre.

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