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Macionis, J. London: Pearson. Fulcher, J. Giddens, A. Punch, S.

See the library reading list for this module Canterbury. Understand different theoretical perspectives in sociology.. Understand competing sociological arguments.. Understand the importance and use of empirical evidence used in sociology, including quantitative and qualitative evidence.. Understand more abstract social processes and institutions.

Pre-requisites None. Restrictions Unavailable to stage 3 students. Overview Details Method of assessment Indicative reading Learning outcomes.

Overview Sociology is the study of human societies. It is a discipline committed to the attempt to map out and explain the constitution of society. It also aims to attend to and explain the distinctive character of people's social experience of the world.

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Explore Plus. Educational and Professional Books. Academic Texts Books. Humanities Books. Social Science. Enter pincode. Usually delivered in days? Vikash Ranjan. Sociology : The Discipline Modernity and social changes in Europe and emergence of sociology.

Fundamentals of Sociology : P. S. J Gisbert :

Scope of the subject and comparison with other social sciences. Sociology and common sense. Sociology as Science Science, scientific method and critique. Major theoretical strands of research methodology. Positivism and its critique. Non-positivist methodologies. Research Methods and Analysis Qualitative and quantitative methods.

Techniques of data collection. Variables, sampling, hypothesis, reliability and validity.

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Sociological Thinkers Karl Marx — Historical materialism, mode of production, alienation, class struggle. Emile Durkheim — Division of labour, social fact, suicide, religion and society. Max Weber — Social action, ideal types, authority, bureaucracy, protestant ethic and the spirit of capitalism. Talcott Parsons—Social system, pattern variables. Robert K. Merton — Latent and manifest functions, conformity and deviance, reference groups.

Stratification and Mobility Concepts : equality, inequality, hierarchy, exclusion, poverty and deprivation. Theories of social stratification : Structural functionalist theory, Marxist theory, Weberian theory. Dimensions : Social stratification of class, status groups, gender, ethnicity and race. Social mobility : open and closed systems, types of mobility, sources and causes of mobility. Formal and informal organization of work. Labour and society.

Politics and Society Sociological theories of power. Power elite, bureaucracy, pressure groups and political parties.